Monday, January 24, 2011

Pollack and Coalfish LRF

I got out  last week just gone to try out some new lures
i got recently some maria ma worms and an ecogear mebaru set
these lures are tiny from 1" to 3" and jigheads from 0.5g to 7g certaintly nothing i had ever tried before
now I'm getting a light lure rod and reel over the next few weeks
probably a comoran ulx and a rovex crosa 2000

So i got out to a few marks over a couple of days mostly at night and
once during the day here a few pictures of the results:
Deep rock pool

Little pollack on ecogear power shirasu

pollack on a maria ma-worm

another pollack on a maria ma-worm

pollack on an ecogear power shirasu

a little coalie on the shirasu
for anyone who hasnt tried this type of lure fishing its a great way to pass
the time and with lures so small and light lines you never know what you
could catch and i have to say its very addictive

Catch ya later,



My name is Jay La Roche
Welcome to my blog over the next few months i hope to 
continue my success of last year with few more fish
 i will try to post them up here as often as i can.
I'm an avid lure fisherman of fish of all types off of our great coastline 
but my favourite sportfish has to be bass.
This year i hope to catch plenty of bass but also some of the other 
great lure caught  sportfish that we have in our waters.
So thats  basically it I'm a complete bass junkie

talk to you soon ,