Monday, February 14, 2011

Midnight LRF

Went to a local harbour tonight as the tide was low
all day I left it till late to go out just around midnight
Tried out a maria ma worm on  a slow retrieve first
and after a couple of casts fish on a coalie caught
another few coalie this way.
I moved on to another spot and tried out some deadsticking
with an ecogear power shirasu to no great effect just ended up
catching about a dozen crabs which were destroying the lures.
So i stuck with the shirasu and decided to try a slow crawl along
the bottom and i caught another codling so i tried this technique
again and it seems to be the one for codling after another couple of
trys another codling and another until a crab tore the lure to pieces.
Moved on again and tried some slow drops and some jigging tight
to the quay walls must have caught another 15 or more coalie.

Thanks for reading ,


Friday, February 11, 2011

LRF 10/2/11

Went and tried a new mark this evening and also
got some new lures that i wanted to try out 
''lodge outfitters swirltail grubs'' in  chartreuse and brown fleck

and they worked a treat first cast fish a little coalie
and it continued to work like this for next couple of hours
caught about a dozen little coalie and a codling
all in all tonight was a success the new mark was worth the trip
and the lures worked a treat

anyway thanks for reading hopefully 
i'll have some pictures of some
other species the next time



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

LRF 7/2/11

So the wind has finally died down enough
to give me a chance to get out for a few hours
this evening.
Spent about 2.5 / 3 hrs fishing caught any amount of
coalie and a few pollack
Caught all the fish on an ecogear grass minnow 1.8''
on a straight retrieve tiny little lure but you can feel the
paddle working right up the line.

Thats a couple of  the fish i caught this evening
Had a good  session with a fish every second cast or so

Cheers ,


Thursday, February 3, 2011

LRF 2/2/11

Got out again tonight a really testing
as it was really blowing 40-50mph so it was difficult
to stay in touch with the lure nothing for the first three
quarters of an hour.
As the wind died down a bit it started to get better
with a few coalie taking the power shirasu and a
pollack just for a change.
None took from the top tonight all the
coalie took on the drop about 3-4 feet down
The pollack took on the bottom tried for more but
it was the only taker

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LRF 1/2/11

Got out tonight at last the wind has finally changed SW
so it wasnt as bitter cold as it had been lately.
Spent about 2 hours fishing caught another few little
coalies and missed any number of little bites
but one thing i noticed this time was the fact that only one
of the fish took on bottom and none otd
All the other fish were directly on the surface i saw plenty of fish
turning on the top of the water so i held the lure on the surface
and got takes and solid takes no nibblers almost straight away

thats some of the fish i caught tonight all coalies no other takers unfortunately
but sures theres always tomorrow