Thursday, July 28, 2011

A bad start but......

Went out to a local mark to see if  could pick up
a few wrasse this morning spent about 3hrs fishing
in glorious sun on an incoming tide but apart from
a few tentative bites and a dropped fish i had no takers
so i moved on in he afternoon for the start of the fall
it was an extremely shallow mark with alot of weed
i started wth the patchinko i worked the lure for about
20 casts a couple of boils behind the lure changed to
the pugachev cobra but still nothing so on to the feed shallow
had a few follows with that but no strikes i could see some fish working
and feeding on some sandeels so i put on an ayu xlayer rigged
weedless and worked it ''walk the dog'' subsurface after a few casts
bang fish on and after a few mins of a fight had a nice 3lb fish on shore
and it must have been feeding hard as it was a short fish but extremely fat

anyway back it went and i moved upshore a bit farther to see if i could pick
up anymore fish and after a few more casts i was into another fish this one
was a longer fish but not nearly as fat

I also tried out some underwater shots not easy to take them on youre own though
especially when the bass arent wanting to hang around for a close up

That was all the fishing i done at that mark off i went to refuel
for the evining session.

I got to the next mark with an hour or so off the fall left
fished for a while before I could get out to the whitewater where
i thought the fish might be anyway we made my way out and started to fish
i intially started with a 3g twistlok and xlayer drifted out in the current
but no luck so i changed to a heavier head and it made an instant
difference first cast and a nice little 2lb fish on the end of the line

a few more casts and i was into another and this one really fought like a much
bigger fish as it turned out it was another just over 2lb.
I fished on and had another few fish

As darkness fell the bigger fish started to come with my best fish being
just over 5lb.
Had a total of 11 bass today and enjoyed every minute of it
so what started off as a bad day really turned around and turned
into my best days bassing this year

tight lines,


Sunday, July 24, 2011

More LRF and another first ......

Went out lrf over the past couple of days had over 50
pollock all almost carbon copies of each other
up to just over 2lb had a few bigger ones that took
the lure went straight to ground and i had absolutely
no control over them and ended up losing the fish

Had a few blennies

and the smallest scorpion i've ever caught
couldnt have been more than 3'' long

Most were caught on lures from jackslrf lures from an inch to
three inches other were caught on berkely gulp lures which i must
say i'm having plenty of fish on these lately.
Had one pollock even cough up a sandeel as i was unhooking it and
it was still alive!!

Then i went to another spot tonight and at first nothing
i was only there about an hour had a few small ballans
and my first ever corkwing wrasse

hopefully i can get more of these at a later date it started to get dark
and the bites stopped

Tight lines


Thursday, July 21, 2011

lrf 20/7/11

Had a good few hours fishing today with a good
few small fish and some better ones which 
tested the solpara. 
Had a few pollock to about 2lb again 
and a  scorpion fish and plenty of 
wrasse takes but they seemed to be just lifting 
running and dropping the lure no solid takes
lost a few lures to their teeth so no luck there.
No blennies today which i found strange as the other 
day at the same mark i couldnt get by them
I also picked up a little scoop net as i had been 
picking up a better stamp of fish lately and handlining
them i was afraid of losing them but it came in
handy today.
Anyway if you look closely at the photos of the scorpion
fish there are two little leech type parasites on its dorsal fin
I'd never seen these on a fish inshore before

well thats all for today hopefully i'll get out tomorrow for some bass and maybe a few wrasse

tight lines


Saturday, July 16, 2011

LRF 14th July

Got out on thursday for some lrf ,
had plenty of fish with wrasse to 2.5lb , pollock to 2lb
and an almost limitless amount of blennies.
Have been playing around with some  lures
like berkeley gulp ragworm and lugworm the difference
it has made was very noticable to the point where i switched
to normal sps no bites switched back and got fish almost every
cast the strong smell from these lures seems to get the fish biting
although the blennies and pollock really seem to like these
particular lures had some wrasse on them aswell but not as
many as the others.
The biggest of the wrasse gave a good account of itself really
getting into the kelp and taking a good bit of persuasion
on the light gear to show itself

The blennies really seem to be feeding hard lately they halved coutless lures 
with their nipping the biggest i've caught was about 8inches long and 
every size below that.
I tried for some lrf  bass no such luck so i switched over to the hrf rod 
with a surface lure just as evening came and had countless follows
and could see bass feeding on sandeel right at my feet so i guess they were 
just full up on them and just following topwater lures and sps out of 
curiousity . As soon as darkness hit so did the pollock 
and i must have 30 in about an hour or so

While i was fishing sitting on a rock having a smoke break on thursday 
next thing the search and rescue seaking helicopter was right above me and
blowing me all around with the down draft from the blades the size of these 
choppers is unreal they are massive.
I looked to see the search and rescue fella looking down at me thinking 
i was the one who needed help he was waving at me and doing allsorts of signals 
i just gave him a thumbs up and he realised i wasnt who they were looking for 
they swung away in the chopper and stopped just around the corner from me
i got up anyway and walked over to see what was going on there was a child 
after falling over the cliff and was sitting on a ledge about 30ft above me with a man
i'm not sure if the child was injured or not but they were both airlifted off the ledge
just goes to show how dangerous it can be walking and fishing around areas like 
these but i'm glad that the emergency services are quick to react to situations like these

tight lines


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

pollock, bass and a sore hand

Went out late the other night to try out a 
mark i had fished before but never at night 
and for the start of the rise as opposed to the end
of the tide when i normally fished it for the first hour or 
there was nothing stirring at all and then just as night fell
the pollock started to come and hit hard off the top
and i must have had 15 and my mate had at least 
20 with a maria chase. 
I was using my lure of the month the ''pugachev cobra'' 
again and once again it worked for me with a nice
4lb bass hitting the lure on the 2nd cast

That was it for bass but i could see fish turning in the water
and one good fish maybe 8-9lb  glided by me right at my feet

The next time i go down i will be trying for some lrf pollock
as they seem to be of good size maybe up to 3lb.

On another note i stupidly slipped with a feed shallow in my hand
the other night and stuck it right through the palm of my hand 

a bad picture i know i pushed the hook through and went for my pliers
as this was one of the few lures i hadnt de-barbed , my pliers were
nowhere to be found and i had to pull the hook back through barb and all
not that nice i can tell you

Tight lines,


Saturday, July 2, 2011

back on the bass.....

I got out early on wednesday and thursday mornings
to try for a few bass with my mate Ger Doran we got to
the mark before first light both mornings
and from the first cast we were both into
pollock up to about 2lb all on various surface lures
super spook , patchinko and the pugachev cobra
pugachev cobra from absolute fishing

we had bass up to 5lb on wednesday morning no pictures though as i hadnt
got my camera with me and on thursday morning we hit the same mark
early on thursday morning and we were into pollock again we must have had about
thirty or more pollock between the two of us over both the mornings
I picked up one small bass on the cobra about 1.5lb and i switched
to a sub surface lure the megabass anthrax 100 a weird looking lure
which at first glance looks to be made upsidedown
anthrax 100

it swims in like an injured or dying baitfish belly up and leaves
a nice wake due to the fin on the belly which slaps from side to side
on the retrieve 2nd or third cast i was into a good fish and after
a good fight i landed a nice bass of just over 7lb my best fish so far
this year and the best of the 2 days

Ger moved down to where i was and we both cast out together
he had a patchinko and i stuck with the anthrax straight away
we were both into fish both fish made good runs but the lines got crossed
and Gers fish came off , i landed mine another nice fish of a little under 4lb
unfortunatly that was it for the bass another few pollock after this and we moved
on to other marks but no other bass to report.

On another note i also done a little bit of lrf on wednesday and i got
a few pollock more blennys or cobblers as they are known locally
and another lrf first for me a pouting

Yet another new species to add to my ever growing list
of lrf caught fish another good few days fishing.

tight lines,