Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A few photos from my lasts days lrf.....

I met up with my mate David once again the plan this time was to fish up to and into darkness to
see if I could possibly winkle out a Rockling but unfortunately it wasnt to be.

I fished various rigs dropshot, texas and standard jighead but i'm finding lately the dropshot is a fantastic
but sometimes overlooked rig. I know I for one favoured texas rigging lures over it for a long while but its
quickly becoming my go to rig

A nice variety of fish and I was happy enough with the session even if I didnt manage my intended
target. I really cant get over the teeth on the goldsinney wrasse such a vicious set for such a small
fish, I wouldnt fancy being it intended target....

On another note I recently had been on the hunt for some flourocrbon to fish straight through as
opposed to braid and after much deliberation I picked up some
Sunline super FC sniper in 4lb that is 0.165mm in diameter perfect for what I want not so thin so
it will ping off rocks straight away but still thin enough to allow it to be nice and supple

I'll be sure to write up my thoughts on this line in the coming months

Thats all for now I hoped you enjoyed the read and pics.

Tight lines,



  1. Nice Pictures, and very very nice rod and reel!
    Awesome. Keep the good stuff.

    1. Thanks Pablo glad you enjoyed the pictures and post