Friday, March 25, 2011

The Last 3 Days

Havent been getting out as much as i want to recently
But i got out over the past few day,
Tuesday night at 2 in the morning as i wanted the
the tide in for this new mark.
One i had looked at but never tried it was quite a walk so all
i brought was a megabass x140 and a couple of x layers which worked
a treat and i caught two bass, one was about a 1lb
the other one was a better fish coming up to the 3lb  not massive fish
but at least they open my silver this year and typically
i had no camera!!
Wedsnesday night was a blank so i need not say more about that
Then went out this evening conditions looked excellent as in the picture
above apart from a light NE wind it couldnt have been better
had plenty of bites but all were very soft and no solid hookups
only managed to land one pollock on a zoom fluke goby rigged weedless

hopefully i'll get to update a bit more often and with a few more fish

thanks for reading