Saturday, March 2, 2013

Out again today.....

I got out again today for a couple of hours in the afternoon aiming for a few
scorpion fish.

I got to my mark at dead low tide and was amazed to see the difference 2 days
can make to a mark the swell that was there previous had all but disappeared leaving
the sea almost flat calm and looked perfect for wrasse on the lrf gear

I rigged up initially with a small 1.5g jighead and berkley fish fry in natural . I love the action of this lure
in the water it has a great tail which really vibrates with the slightest of twitches

I fished for around an hour before I managed to find my first Long Spined scorpion

A nice little fish with a coloration almost identical to the rock it was lying on before it took the lure

I fished on with this and continued to look for another fish but with no luck so I changed lure and head
to a pink isome section with a rockfish jighead.

It wasnt long until I picked up another beautifully red coloured fish

I continued fishing and spotted a small corkwing wrasse
sitting in a gap in the rocks. I must have spent a
good half hour chopping and changing lures to see if I could entice the fish
but no matter what I done it had absolutely no interest in any lure I had.

So on I moved and managed to pick up another nice Scorpion from another hole

This was the only fish of the day that had the red markings and beginnings of a yellow underside
like the fish I had in my previous post. It also got really defensive with the skin retracting on its two
main spines exposing the sharp tips which I wouldn't like to get a mouthful of if I was a predator.

I had one other scorpion fish today which was my biggest one of the session

 A really nicely coloured fish with a nice mottled wine/brown colour.
The variety in the colours of these fish and there sheer tenacity/attitude are what make them
my favourite of all the mini species we have around our coastline.

On another note I also picked up some new lures recently with one of them being the new 15cm
Real Eels from Savage Gear and I have to say I'm very impressed with them.

I'll have more to say on them during the coming months once I've had a chance to fish with
them properly but my initial reaction is they certainly look the part and are very nicely detailed
with nice build quality. One thing I will say against them is the smell of cheap rubber from them
I would prefer a scented version maybe anise or squid but that's just me and I know its not about
the smell and alot more about the action which from what I've seen looks superb.The packaging is
a bit bulky and went straight into the bin as soon as I got them. A simple ziplock type bag would
make much more sense.

Anyway thats my two cents for now , I hope you enjoyed the read

Tight lines,