Sunday, June 17, 2012

Every cloud has a silver lining....

Got up at ridiculous'o'clock to catch first light coinciding with high tide so i arrived at the mark in total
darkness and the tide was still rising.
So I rigged up a weightless sluggo and fished this method until it began to brighten up. I could hear fish splashing and breaking the surface but couldnt hook up.
I rigged up a nice paddle tail on a swimbait hook and began to retrieve it nice and slowly just enough to
feel the tail working and it wasnt long maybe 4 or 5 casts and I was into my first fish I initially thought it was a pollock but the constant head shakes told me it was a bass and not a bad fish just touching 5lb in weight

I fished on and wasnt long before I got hit by another smaller bass

By now terns had started to work around me so i decided to swap lures to a try some topwater with my
favourite lure the pugachev cobra by IMA. I worked the lure over some submerged reefs and narrow gullies
in a real slow walk the dog pattern and with a nice swirl and then smash I had another fish on a lovely bass of about 2lb

Back she went and I fished on in the same general are as I had picked up the first fish and it wasnt long before the water erupted behind the lure again so I stopped the lure gave it a slight twitch and bang another
fish on!!

So I released this fish and went on again over another gully this time changing the retrieve to a sharp pull and
stop this makes the lure dart under and bob nicely

Bass off the top has to be ther most exciting and by far my facourite way to fish for these our most exciting 
sport fish.
I really love it when things just come nicely together as they did this morning and it has really wet my appetite to get back out again later today hopefully for some more silver.

On another note the first Irish Bass Festival gets up and running in a month and I understand there is
plenty of interest both at home and abroad in it.
Entry can be made through Absolute Fishings online shop and the full itinerary can be found on their blog
here I.B.F itinerary
I really hope this can be a great success as it will show our relevant governing bodies just how much tourism is generated through sport fishing in Ireland.

I've also been out at pollock recently and got my new personal best weighing in at just over 4lb I thought it was a bigger fish but they can be quite deceptive

I'll finish up with another few bass I had on a zonk gataride a lure i totally neglected due to its bib being so
fragile but seemingly to my own loss.....

All in all a cracking couple of sessions and I'm very happy to have finally opened my bass account for
Until next time....

Tight lines