Saturday, September 24, 2011

A little bit here , a little bit there

Been very busy with work and then when I get time off the weather
doesn't play ball got out last sunday for a bit and then thursday again mostly
lrf with some bass fishing when the opportunity arose
here are a few pics of some of the fish i picked up

A nice 3lb bass on a lure i got from jackslrf i had been waiting on these for a while but i have to
say they are awesome looking and cant wait to use them more

Some of the ballan wrasse i caught lrf the top one is just over 2lb and the other is around 1lb the colour
variations of these fish is amazing each one is totally different from the next

Caught a good few of these ranging from a couple of ounces to around 2lb all great fun

A greedy little scorpion which tried to take a bait almost as big as itself and a couple
of blennys

Anyway thats all from me for now i'll let the pictures do the talking this time

Tight Lines


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tough Times....

Its been tough going lately for bass with a serious blow hitting the
south and east of Ireland there are a few fish around but they are
few and far between and alot of marks around are virtually unfishable
according to reports i've been hearing from other anglers around Wexford
I managed to get out this evening when the weather calmed down
a bit or so i thought glorious sun in wexford but not when i got to the mark
lashing rain so on with the rain gear and off i went
I fished for 2hrs with a few mackeral and some pollock mostly of the top
changed lures about a dozen times from the surface to sub both hard and soft
plastics and eventually caught one bass of 3lb on a moroko xlayer with
a owner sled head bounced on the bottom as the tide was falling it took
very gentle and took a couple turns of the reel before i realised the fish was on
it put up a decent fight

just hope this weather system over us lately would go and we can get back to normal the
good news it looks to be picking up after the weekend so fingers crossed

tight lines


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lrf personal best smashed...............

Went out with a friend of mine this morning we were going to
try for some bass but an easterly wind put pay to that idea
it was also my mates first time ever fishing so the mark had to
be fairly easy to get to no cliffs etc.. We fished for a while and only
managed one pollock between us a little over 1lb in weight
We moved on I swithced over to lrf and managed a few little blennys
and one litttle ballan

David managed one more small pollock of a couple of ounces and that was it a fairly barren session
but great crack as he had never been fishing or caught a fish before. Home we went I dropped him off
and back out fishing I went to the same that had produced some nice wrasse for me last week.
A few casts in and I was into a little ballan

I fished with a few missed fish and a couple of bungee jumpers then a very slight tap...tap.......
whack all hell broke loose the solpara doubled over and the drag screamed on the reel i knew
straight away I was into a serious fish it made an initial dive which I stopped and then ran out from the ledge I was fishing for about 10-15yards , I managed to turn and surface the fish when I saw the size of it I almost s**t myself with excitement it dived again and back up it came I got the net and just had it in when the wrasse
decided otherwise and back down it went my heart was pumping and I breathed a massive sigh of relief
when i netted the fish I thought my other personal best was big but this was a real beast of 5lb 8oz a serious

Pictures do not do this fish justice at all anyway this was not only my best lrf but all time personal best wrasse.
I couldnt belive the way the solpara reacted to this fish it was a proper test and it soaked it up no problem
a fantastic piece of kit for the money.
So the fish was fairly deep hooked i went to my bag which I had forgot to pick up in my excitement and here
it was floating away in the water i sheer joy turned to panic I tried to get to it on the rocks no chance so I picked up my other rod and cast over the bag hoping for a hook up and after a few casts much to my relief
I caught my bag pulled it in to see what was missing and everything was still there phew!!!

Well thats all for today a day of highs all round and i must say i am an extremly
happy angler!!

Tight lines,