Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bas off the top and some Lrf.....

Went out on Sunday evening just before last light
on a falling and just before dark a nice little bass of
2lb fell victim to the awesome pugachev cobra from ima

 Another couple of casts and i was into another bass around 2.5lb not massive but a good fighter

Apart from one other dropped fish and a few boils behind the lure that was it
for the bass so i packed up and went home

Didnt get out again until Thursday afternoon and due to conditions decided to go lrf
for some wrasse at a mark i had been having some luck on recently
and first cast i was into a corkwing almost the second the lure hit the bottom

And another a couple of casts later

Had a total of 10 corkwings all males and one little ballan of about 1lb

An enjoyable pair of short sessions but still new lessons learned and taken on board
and i have to say for anyone who hasnt tried lrf they really should get out and give it a go.

On another note a friend of mine and fellow angler  Cian O Halloran who runs Absolute Fishing
a tackle shop in Tramore specialising in lure fishing has recently branched into the realm of
 online shops with www.absolutefishing.ie a really nicely laid out site with some nice shiny lures
for the tackle tart in all of us to drool over and ultimately buy anyone interested should check it out
or call into his shop in Tramore

Tight Lines


Saturday, August 27, 2011

LRF new personal best........

A little bit a bout yesterdays session first went for bass in the
morning but no joy so on lrf which produced a couple of blennys
a nice little ballan and a female corkwing

So on todays sessioni had a break from work in the afternoon and decided to head to a local
mark for some wrasse i got there and realised it was going to be a short session as the tide was
pushing in hard so out i went onto the rocks with the solpara my 2500exage with 6lb rockfish braid
4lb leader and some size4 rockfish hooks from jackslrf (definetly as good as you said Andy) and it
wasnt long before i felt the familiar tap , tap then whack and i was into a wrasse and after a nice scrap
i netted a nice ballan of 2lb 2oz

Back it went and i fished on for another bit along a ledge where i had seen some wrasse moving
a few days earlier about 10 mins passed all the while i was watching the tide pushing up behind me
then once again i felt a tap then another tap then whack and a serious bend in the solpara with the drag
running i knew i was into a better fish it made five or six good runs before i finally got it to the surface
and around to the rocks where i could safely net the fish. i landed it and on the rocks i had a lovely ballan
of 3lb 1oz a new lrf personal best

After an extremely short but highly enjoyable session the tide pushed off the rocks
and back to work i went an extremely happy angler,

Tight lines,


Monday, August 22, 2011

Topwater Bass

Got out for a quick evening session ,went to a mark
where I thought I might pick up a bass even though
the tides are a bit slack this particular mark has been fairly
reliable so far. Got there about an hour before last light
dead calm, slight west breeze exactly as i had expected
first lure weedless 7.5'' sluggo no luck same when i sized down
to a 6'' and 4'' so on with an xlayer same nothing going by this time the
sun had just dropped and the water i was fishing had shadowed
i heard a fish breaking the surface so on with my go to topwater
lure this year the pugachev cobra by ima a lure which has yet to let
me down

thanks for the pic Cian ;-)

Out it went and a few casts later a bass absolutely exploded out of the water behind it
but missed and again and again but finally it took the lure and a few minutes later a nice little
fish of about 2lb

back it went and i fished on for another few casts and a nice boil behind the lure but nothing
another couple of casts and another fish smashed the lure a bit of a better fish bang on 3lb

That was it for this time a few more boils behind the lure but no takes
gotta love topwater bass

Tight lines


Saturday, August 20, 2011

LRF Corkwings, Ballans and Pollock

Havent been trying for bass lately with easterly winds
and weather which changed some plans i had for
travel but i got a session in the yesterday targeting
some corkwing wrasse which i had found it difficult
to get on the soft plastics but i decided to try for
them and it paid dividends after changing hook and lure
sizes ended up with a total of 19 corkwing a few ballans
and a couple of pollock
The corkwings were all from 6'' to 8'' not sure on the weights
The ballans were from 1lb to 2lb and the pollock were in
around the 1lb mark no really big fish but fun all the same on
the light gear all the fish i got were on berkely gulp ragworm 6''
in the new penny colour cut to size to suit the size i required.
this particular lure has really worked well for me lately
here are some of the corkwings i got mostly males with a few females also i think
i caught a rock cook wrasse but not sure its the 3rd picture down and was a lot
smaller than all the rest of the wrasse i caught.

The ballans i caught including one with lice on its eye and an attempt at
a underwater shot i still have to practice these

It was a good enjoyable session learning all the time

tight lines,


Friday, August 12, 2011

A couple more....

Went to a mark this afternoon met a mate of mine
Ger Doran there it looked really good so hopes were high
we fished for a while with no takes after about an hour
Ger got a fish on and straight away he knew it wasn't a
bass he got it in and it turned out to be a dogfish of
maybe 2lb in weight unfortunately it spat the hook just as
he got the fish out of the water so no photo could
be taken but its the first dogfish I've seen been taken on
a lure a 7.5inch sluggo from the shore that was it for fish we only stayed
about another half hour with no joy

So this evening i decided to try another mark just on last light ,
i rigged up a 6inch sluggo weedless and fished over a reef extremely
slowly with the odd twitch and third cast tap tap tap fish on a pollock
of about 1.5lb

i fished on had another couple of pollock then this nice little bass of about 1.5lb

a few casts later i was into a better fish of just over 3lbs

i switched to a weedless and weightless black sluggo 'softneedle style' and continued on fishing
i got a couple of pollock using this method but no more bass but i didn't really mind it was more
of a softneedle practice

so that was that new techniques tried new lessons learned ,
all in all a good enjoyable 2hr session.

I was wading through some weed the other day and this little guy took my
bootlace for a lure and decided to make it lunch a little bit of accidental lrf

Anyway that's all for now

Tight Lines,