Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More scorpions....

I went out for a few hours over the weekend and had a great day
session in which i had 30 sea scorpions on a variety of lures
from jackslrf

I really cant get enough of these little fish lately. I also had another lrf first for me a sea scropion on
a creature bait a yabby craw a cool little lure only 1.75'' long.
I was really pleased and it done really well for me during this session and i caught a nice few fish
with it
Another lure was the jacks own lrf worms a really tough little lure I had 20 pollock dropshotting the
other night and only used one lure for the entire time

Another enjoyable session till next time

Tight Lines


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sorting out gear .....

I havent had a chance to do any fishing lately with work
but i have however had a chance to sort through my lrf gear
which it badly needed.
towards the end of last year i had found myself with an ever increasing
amount of lures etc.. and alot of the time i put them in the bag i was
using because it had plenty of room.
I then had another problem other lures became overlooked for new ones
and so on....
I went on the net looking for a small waist bag to stop my indecisive nature
of i'll use that or maybe i'll need this.. I eventually found it in the form of
a meiho versus vsb6010

Its a perfect size for any lrf gear i might want one main pocket for a lure box and bits box , a pliers pouch
and a few other pockets for leader, spare spools etc...

I had also had a problem with storing hooks and other bits and pieces for lrf with the
gear being so small i had found it difficult to find a box that kept all the gear in one place
without it mixing and crossing compartments. I solved this by getting myself a

meiho vs388d a simple lovely piece of kit a total of 16 compartments and still a nice neat size

I got both the box and bag from Mr Fish in Jersey whom I rang had a chat told him what I was looking
for and he suggested these exactly what i would expect from a tackle store 

I also picked up a new pair of gloves Snowbee SFT neoprenes 

Exactly what i have been looking for thin, lightweight and waterproof just have to see how they hold
up over the coming months but for 10euro they are well worth it

I see that Inland Fisheries Ireland have produced a new sign which makes it clear to anybody 
that is angling for bass that they are a protected species and at least now the sign
is in 6 languages so anglers whether they are foreign or local  have no excuse for keeping an undersized fish
or over the daily limit 

Anyway thats all from me for now hopefully next time 
I'll have been out for a few fish 

Tight lines


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scorpion Central

Went out today initially hoping to pick up a few wrasse
arrived at the mark with a heavy drizzle but a very light
swell so i tried for around a half an hour of so for a wrasse
with no luck while waiting for a mate of mine to arrive.
The wrasse are proving a bit elusive this early in the year
I'm sure they are there just need to find out what stage of the tide
they are feeding at and what they want.
He arrived and was wanting to try for some of the mini
species which he had never caught before in particular
long spined scorpion fish and it wasnt long before they
began to show the tide was flat out and we fished right along
the low tide mark into various the holes and gullies that had been
exposed by the tide it turned out be a great session with a total of
40-50 fish between the two of us most of which were long spined
scorpions with a few blennies thrown in for fun
The scorpions were all sorts of colours ranging in size from 3" to a
massive 8"
It was a fantastic session and great way to introduce my mate to LRF
which he is now hooked on and is going to get his own setup in
the near future
I also tried out some jacks lrf nanobite lure which had no problem
in picking out a fish or 2

Here are a few of the fish we picked up today

I also tried a little bit of underwater photograhy the camouflage
on these fish is fantastic and they look even more impressive
under the water than they do out of it

Of course not all the scorpionfish were small we did manage a few over 6" and even one monster just about
8" in length we didnt weigh any of these fish but the biggest fish was a real beast the photos do it no justice
whatsoever I actually thought it was a short spined scorpion fish at first because of its size. I hadnt seen a
a long spined fish that big or as heavy before

 Anyway it was a fantastic session and its been a great start to the year so far.
I'm back to work this week so my blog posts will without doubt become a little
less regular than they have been of late but I will try my best and keep you
all up to date with my angling antics.

Tight Lines