Sunday, May 20, 2012

A little bit of LRF...

Well the bass ban has begun and of course the weather has
improved alot and conditions today were picture perfect
with a very light south westerly and nice spring tides I
was very tempted to try for a bit of silver but its only 25 days
and the ban will be over so i can hit them in earnest.

Out with the LRF gear my major craft solpara and daiwa caldia
with sunline rockfish pe 6lb with 5lb sunline leader

I got to the mark with 2hrs of the fall left and began to fish the
various pools and gullies. I didnt get a touch until dead on low
tide with the first fish being a little pollock

It continued like this for another few fish with the only lure getting any interest being a gulp
sandworm rigged on an ecogear bottom head.

As the tide turned i began to see some small wrasse moving around on the bottom of the gullies
I dropped the lure to the bottom and got a few small taps but no hook up the fish were being very
coy so i shortened the lure a touch and it worked a treat first LRF ballan of the day

a nice little fish of just under 1lb back it went and I continued to fish the various holes and
pools with a few touches and short takes then another little ballan took the lure

I spotted another couple of fish at the far side of another pool and dropped in the lure
which resulted in a lovely little corkwing wrasse

Another few casts in the same general area resulted in another corkwing which strengthens my
idea that corkwings are particular gregarious since I have found that if i catch one I'll generally
get another from almost the same spot

I moved on to another little gully and managed one more little ballan

I fished on for another hour or so hoping for a better stamp of fish but it seemed to have totally
switched off this seems to happen when the sun is high in the sky and the water is extremely clear.
Anyway by this time the hunger was setting in so I packed up and headed home.
I hope you enjoyed reading .

Tight lines...


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Its been a while.....

Firstly let me apologise to my followers for my lack of posts during the
last month.
April was a really quiet month for me on the fishing front with work, other 
commitments and most importantly the weather stopping me from doing 
almost any fishing at all. 
I did get out for some sessions but not many..
Early in the month I tried some lrf for seatrout which turned out quiet 
successful with a fair amount of fish caught albeit none of any great size the biggest 
being about 12 inches in length. 
I used a small metal lure called a hansen stripper just 4g in weight for these trout 
just a standard retrieve with a few stops and allowing the lure the flutter down through 
the water column almost all fish caught were OTD(on the drop)

I also got out for a couple of HRF sessions which werent very fruitful which has been quite disappointing
for the time of year I would have expected alot more fish but with NE/E winds and low temperatures for almost all the month I was happy enough with the few fish that I did pick up

most of the fish caught were pollock up to 3lb and a lone wrasse of 1.5lb.
That is all that I done in April as you can see not a whole lot.

I bought a new reel from Absolute Fishing a new Daiwa Theory a bit of a step up from
the Exage I had been using recently and i loaded it up with White Sunline Super PE 
a line which I've been using a while now and I love it really good knot strength and seems to have really 
good abrasive qualities a quality which i look for considering the ground that I fish tends to be some 
of the worst around.

I woke this morning top find a nice bright hazy day with little or no wind a very rare thing these days 
so off I set to see if I could find a few fish. Arrived at the mark with about two hour of the fall left to find almost crystal clear water with at least 15ft visibility conditions were exquisite best I've seen in a long time.
I rigged up 5g decoy and 2.5'' craw to start tried various areas around and no interest so i tried various colours and craw sizes without so much as a nibble.
I then tried various senkos again no interest about an hour had passed without a fish.
So I had a look to see what else was there and found Deps ''Death Adder'' in 4'' with a nice brown green colour.
Almost immediately I began to feel little nibbles on the lure and the familiar twangs of wrasse on the line
a few mins past and I struck and missed a few fish then bang fish on and this one really gave a good account of itself anyone who says wrasse dont fight needs to have their head checked, it made a few small runs out from the rocks and back down to the bottom eventually I netted the fish and it was a lovely Ballan of just 3lb
my best this year so I was very pleased 

I fished on for another bit missed another couple and then caught well when I say caught the fish completly mishit the lure and got hooked in the gill plate and for such a small fish it really fought 

a lovely little ballan of about 1lb if that. 
A really nice way to christen the new reel which i have to say i superbly smooth with lovely line lay and am
very pleased with how its handling so far.
So by now it was low tide and I made a decision to move and see if I could pick up my first bass of 2012
but it wasnt to be my bass account will have to wait for another day. I fished almost the entire rising tide without so much as a sniff of a bass even though on both the marks I fished there were terns and gannets diving all around. I should have stayed where I was but you never know until you try.
There have been bass caught around the Wexford coast take a look here at the wexford angling blog ran by Danny Meagher, but not with any consistency or pattern something which is very unusal for this time of year and something which has to be directly related to the amount of bad weather that we have had hopefully it will pick up before the ban. 
I hoped you enjoyed reading thats all from me for now.....

Tight lines