Monday, July 14, 2014

Some weekend lrfing........

Got out over my days off this weekend.....

Lovely conditions beautiful pristine clear water albeit with a touch
of North in the air....

Had originally planned for a bass or two but I was surprised to blank......
the less said about that the better. One thing I will say is that fishing is surprisingly

Any way back to my LRFing my first target was flounder and I was trying out
a rig that most guys use for thin lip mullet or golden grey.....a mepps type spinner with a small trace with a single hook and piece of gulp/isome.

First or second cast on a lovely flounder of about 25cm....

I saw this fish coming out the water bright orange spots.....I have to say I thought
it might have been a plave but the orange spots quickly faded and it was clearly
a flounder ah well maybe next time........ I kept fishing like this for another 20 mins
but that was to be the only flounder.

So I switched over to a jighead and gulp.....amd immediately it was blenny after blenny after blenny......

I didnt take any photos of these as they mostly just tail gripped the lure and were easily shook off or I just unhooked quickly and went straight back.

I did however manage a gorgeous corkwing wrasse one of our most beautifully coloured species of fish...

That was all for that for that session I hope you enjoyed reading

Tight lines


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