Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nibbling Wrasse

Went out today tryin for some more wrasse
since the bass ban is on here for the next month
spent about two hours fishing on the rising tide
got one ballan about 2lb came straight up from the kelp
and swallowed a 5 inch homemade lure from Andy Marquis
I got some from him the other day and the quality is very good with an aniseed smell.
Missed at least 15 other fish just from them taking the tails from the
lures of all sizes from 3 to 5 inch just couldn't seem to get a decent hookup!
One of those days I suppose

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rigging Techniques

Not done much lately with the big swells,
an easterly wind and a dodgy stomach putting pay
to any fishing plans i had so a bit of reasearch
was in order and i came across these few pages
on riggng styles and techniques and thought they
were interesting

I realise that alot of the information is intended for american fishermen
but alot of the rigging techniques shown can be applied
to the the fishing that we do here like the texas/shakin rig or the weightless rig
are ones that i regular use in and around heavy cover

Tight lines,