Friday, June 24, 2011

Another first...

Went out today for some more wrasse but they weren't playing
ball no matter what I did. I suppose I spent an hour or so trying
so i decided to try out some of the tiny lrf lures I got from Andy
at jacks and went rockpooling instead saw plenty of little gobies
but none took they just played with it instead of eating it this went on for
a while and i tried several different pools and several different lures
the one that got the most interest was the ''mouse'' a little lure of under an inch
i tried this one pool and a much larger fish came out and stuck the lure and it turned
out to be a blenny/shanny i think (correct me if i'm wrong please) about 7 inches long
i lifted the fish went to unhook it and the little fish bit down on my hand and was actually
hanging from my hand by its jaws i should have really looked to if it had teeth which it did
more funny than sore to be honest but an aggressive little fella none the less any way it another
new species to go with the other firsts of yesterday.

 It was the only fish for the couple of hours i was out but i have to say the difference
the solpara has made to my fishing is vast two new species in two days.
I cant wait to see what other species i can catch.

Tight lines,


Thursday, June 23, 2011

A day of firsts.....

well I got out today to try out my new solpara from major craft
and what a rod it is. The amount of feedback you get from the lure as it hits the
bottom or anything else is unlike any rod i've used before
I got to my mark at low tide and tried a big pool that i knew held pollock
I was using some new lures that i got from jackslrf some small tubes about
2" long in various colours as soon as i started to use them i could feel nips and tugs at the
lure but no takes well more misses to be honest which i put down to getting used to the rod
 I even saw one pollock come up so hard that it completely missed the lure
and broke the surface!!
I switched lures after about 15mins or so to another worm/grub type lure and a 1/16 oz
jig head and after my third cast or so i was into a pollock of about a 1lb or a little over
in weight and what fight it put up it took line and dived i got it back to the surface and down
it went again i got it up after a few mins of a good scrap,

so that was my first fish on the solpara and a pb pollock lrf so far anyway i fished on and
tried for more pollock i got one more of about 7oz or so and nothing else from this pool
so i moved on to another channel that was starting to fill up with the incoming tide and decided
to try for some wrasse i tried the same lure as the pollock but had no bites whatsoever so i switched
to the same lure chartreuse tail with a black head and deadsticked it along the bottom i began to
get bites almost immediately from small ballans which i could see coming up and running with the lure
but dropping it
Then after about 10 mins i got a solid strike and the rod bent into my first lrf wrasse ever a lovely bright
orange bellied ballan of a little under 1lb in weight a new personal best even for such a small fish they sure
do fight on such light gear

back it went and i fished on with a big smile on my face for another few casts the
tide was really beginning to push now and i felt some small tugs then a nice hit
on the lure i struck into it and to my surprise i had a nice little long spined sea
scorpion yet another first and i can honestly say i was thrilled to see such an ugly little
critter on the end of my line

they really are a strange looking creature really prehistoric and after a few snaps and a good look back it went and i fished on in the same channel a few more missed hits and next thing another good solid take and to my surprise another sea scorpion

I really was a happy angler at this stage another few photos and i fished on for another while,
really starting to love the solpara at this stage.
so i deadsticked the lure for another bit plenty of interest but no takes then all of a sudden
out of nowhere came another wrasse and i could tell immediately that this was a much better
fish than the previous one as it was really running and taking a good bit of line eventually i got the
upper hand  and the fish came into view as soon as it came up near the surface on it went again
and as i was using a 4lb flouro leader i had to be careful so as not to lose it i let it take some more line but had to keep it out of the weed i got it to a low ledge and slid the fish up and it was mine
a lovely fish of 2.5lb not massive i know but a new pb for me.

So that was my day a load of firsts and loads of fun
in short lrf rocks

tight lines,


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The ban is over......

Well the ban is finally over here at last
and after a long wait i can finally fish for bass
up early on the 16th around 4 in the morning
met up with a friend of mine Ger Doran and
 set about to find some fish.
Ger fished a spot before i arrived and got on fish of
about 4lb on  chartreuse feed shallow.
When I met up with him we moved around to several marks
which were fairly heavily weeded and the water was extremely coloured
so we moved on try find some clear water
We found some clear water eventually and started with ome feed shallows
then Ger switched to a patchinko and i think it was his second
or third cast and he was into a fish of about just over 5lb it
put up a good fight on Gers light setup he landed it however

Gers 5lb fish

So after a quick snap back it went to be caught another day.
We both switched to top water and got a few boils but no more
takes unforunately so no fish for me but i'm happy enough to see
them being caught plenty more time for fish.
On another note my  new lrf rod a solpara sps-s702m from major craft
arrived in the post today a seriusly light piece of gear
Casting weight of 0.5g to 5g

This paired up with a 2500 exage loaded with Sunline Rockfish pe and 4lb flouro leader.
 That and some of the new lrf gear i just recieved from  should provide me with lots of fun over the coming months.

Tight lines


Saturday, June 11, 2011

LRF 9/6/11

Went out the other night to try a local mark i regularly fish lrf at
after recieving a load of different lrf sp's and gear from Andy at couldnt wait to try them out strange little
things when i say little i mean tiny from 20mm to 45mm
selection of sps from ''jackslrf''

these are seriously small but all work as i used each one the other night
I think they represent the various little planktons and larvae that
are meandering aimlessly around in the water columns all in all though
they work and that is the main point of a lure.
Anyway back to the fishing had a total of 43 little herring/sprat type
fish(not sure exactly what they were) in 2 hrs they are a first for me
so thats another new species lrf has opened up to me

very hard to get a good picture of these as soon as they
came out of the water didnt stay still for a second some crack
though all were caught ''on the drop''

had a fish a cast for 20 consecutive casts like it was unbelievabe!!
Yet again there was a lead humper(bait fishing) beside me mocking my gear when i got
there but he changed his tune after about 45 mins when i had fish after fish and he
hadn't had a single nibble let alone a fish

herring type on berkeley sandworm

it amazes me how such a small fish would take a lure almost a third of its
overall length greedy or what?
Anyway a great 2hrs and a fun way to pass some time.

Tight lines,


Friday, June 3, 2011

Wrasse and Pollock 02/06/11

Had a good few hours fishing yesterday
with wrasse up to 3lb and a couple of pollock of
i suppose 1.5 to 2lb
The sun was splitting the trees and not a breadth of wind
when i got to my first mark and I thought for sure I was
into fish and i was second or third cast nice red ballan of 3lb
on a samuwara bullet worm, I thought great nice start but after an hour
or so of nothing more it was like the fish completely switched off
I moved on to a new mark on a low tide with nice deep holes and gullies
for me to drop the lure into tried the samuwara worm again but nothing
so i switched to an xlayer baits blue and it made an almost instant change
with a fish of 2lb coming next followed by another and another
I then switched to a 2inch senko type worm which got lots of interest
but only one take from a fish of about 0.5lb

all in all a total of 8 wrasse and a couple of pollock didnt
take pictures of them all because the markings were
very similar kind of kelpy orange colour seems to be the
most common colour variation of the wrasse around
Wexford but youve got to love the fight they put up no matter
what size certaintly keeping me entertained while the bass ban is
On another just ordered a new lrf rod today a major craft
solpora so the wrasse and bass should be good crack on that
when i get in a few weeks.
I'm waiting on a bag of goodies from
which should be nice i'll post a full report soon as i get them

tight lines