Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lure Heaven UK species competition....

For anyone who doesnt know Lure Heaven UK are running a neat little
lure only species competition that started on the 1st of September and is running
up until the 1st of December.

The competiton itself is very simple and its open to anyone in Ireland or the UK
All species must be caught on a lure and from the shore with a point for each species
and an extra point for the overall longest of each seperate species.

Entry is simple all you have to do is 'like' Lure Heaven UK facebook page and email
your address to and they will send you out a neat liitle card

and each species photographed must contain the card ....simples

I've been giving it ago for the past couple of weeks and I have to say its great fun just trying to see what i can
can pick up on a lure so far I've managed 12 species including 2 firsts for me on a lure a 3 spined stickle back , a rudd/bream hybrid and my first pike in about 18yrs...very pleased with that

So come on give it ago plenty of time left to rack up a few species and you never know you could even win!!

Until next time...

Tight lines


Friday, September 7, 2012

A little bit of LRF......

 I finally managed to get on Wednesday last for a couple of hours in the atternoon
I didnt expect much as the tide was falling and was pretty small but i went out anyway
and picked up a few fish ....

First up was the ever hungry pollock

 These were followed a short time after by a nice little ballan

Then I managed to pick up one of my favurite rockfish the ever stunning corkwing

 A nice enjoyable session on my break from work.

So I was off today and my card for the Lure Heaven species comp arrived this morning
full details of this competition can be found on Lure Heavens facebook page .

I decided first up would be the fish that had eluded me up until a couple of weeks ago the flounder
I headed up and arrived at the mark to be greeted with glorious sunshine and crystal clear water.

I rigged up a little Big Hammer perch grub in rootbeer and began to fish nice and slowly with plenty
of twitches, lifts and stops and after a few casts i was into my first fish.

A nice flounder just over 29cm back she went and i fished on another few cast and another bite these flounder bites are so subtle ....

The fish were really game today with another few bites and a couple of dropped fish
so i switched over to a power isome and second cast...

A new personal best flounder at 33cm which I am very pleased about

So I fished on changing lures around from isome to grubs ...

Another few flounder landed and a cracking little 2hour session with over a dozen fish landed and almost the
same amount lost. I have to say that I really enjoyed this particular session because the flounder had eluded
me for so long.

Thats all for now back out again tonight ....

tight lines