Monday, April 29, 2013

About f***king time.............

It's been along time since I've had a decent lrf session on the salt what with the ridiculously
unseasonal weather and other commitments stopping me.

But I did however get an evening off work and decided to head down to the local quay
and try some lures and see what was around but to be honest I wasnt expecting much 
maybe a few coalies or pollock.....

I arrived at the mark and for the first time in a long time conditions looked absolutely
perfect ...crystal clear water....rising tide.......flat calm as I said perfect

I began rigged up a jighead with an isome a lure which i would expect to be able to winkle out
the most stubborn of species but not a touch not even a  sign of a fish.

So I changed over to a few different lures no touches I moved onto gulp sandworm
on a dropshot rig and was literally straight into a nice coalie.....

it continued like this for another few casts with 10 or 15 fish of around the same stamp landed

all of these fish were in stunning condition and put up a great little scrap on the mighty solpara

I moved away from the area with those and began to try in around some rocks to see if there was 
anything else around and I felt a very familiar tap...tap...tap.......a wrasse maybe???

but nothing it was gone so I fished on and felt this same tap....tap......tap.......
and bang a beautiful little corkwing wrasse landed and my first for 2013

It was a very welcome surprise although it was long overdue and about time they started to show
back he went and I continued fishing with a rather large smile..........

A lovely little long spined sea scorpion was next in between an incessant and never stopping run of
coalies/pollock....which I am not complaining about at all they were all welcome fish.

I continued fishing and felt another one of the typical wrasse bites.........and fish on
I saw the fish and was almost certain it was a little goldsinney but when it came to the surface
I thought it was a female corkwing........but no wrong again a lovely albeit tiny little Ballan wrasse...

Another first for 2013 for me and a very welcome one it was about time I was beginning to think 
they would never show up.

I continiued fishing up unitl dark but no more wrasse decided to play ball which I couldnt help thinking 
if I had of arrived a bit earlier that maybe I would have had some more.

I did however pick up one other species

A lovely Rock Goby which I'm guessing was male as it looked to be displaying breeding colours
it was a lovely black colour with the yellow stripe very prominent on top.

All in all a very good session , I was very pleased to have picked up my first wrasse of the year
and to pick up two seperate species of wrasse was a bonus.
With a total of 5 species and 2 new species from this particular mark the Ballan and 
Longspined Scorpion.
It really looks like things are at last starting to pick up with warmer water temperatures all
along the coast and maybe some settled weather in the long range forecast maybe at last 
we wil all be able to get out and enjoy some proper fishing at long last.

hope you enjoyed the read,

tight lines


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Brownies zero and a broken tiro......

I met up with Dawid yesterday to do a spot of
fishing with the targets being wild brown trout.

So we set out along the river and began to fish
with small plugs and spinners on our lrf setups

About an 2hrs or so in and I heard a shout from
Dawid......a big salmon had taken his lure and
was leading him on a right merry dance around the
river going on run after run and man was his drag
singing. He landed the fish and what a magnificent fish
it was too especially on a LRF setup!!

A properly awesome bonus fish of 90 or so centimeters in length

After a bit of resuscitation the fish swam away lovely and strong , great to see.

So back to the fishing it was a bright day and the fish were far and few between
another while later
I connected with but dropped a little trout and after that Dawid had a lovely wild
rainbow trout another bonus!!!

We kept on working along the river and then disaster , crack there goes the tip
of my much loved Tiro!!!!

Absolute nightmare and with no spare rod and being on the bank of a river in the
middle of nowhere I was not a happy chappy.

Anyway we continued to fish with the one rod taking turns fishing but apart from dropping another
salmon which I watched engulf my lure and I still dont understand how I didnt hook it there was
nothing else to report.

I hope you enjoyed the read and hopefully I should have a new tip for my Tiro next time
I post

Tight lines,