Monday, October 10, 2011

New Toys

Havent got out much lately and when i have its been either time
or the weather has been against me i did manage a couple of fish
the best being just over 5lb on a chartreuse wave worm from

I recently purchased an IMA/Rbb floatation vest from and i have to say
first impressions are very good it seem very sturdy and well put together now it claims
to be designed for saltwater use (I'll see how that goes) it has plenty of space in the front pockets
and rear bag loads of d rings for line clips , fish grips etc... 


it claims to be capable of keeping you afloat but to be honest i dont ever plan on finding this out
all in all though an impressive piece of gear and it came with an IMA lure box and a IMA stuka 

I also picked up some decoy pluggin single hooks from absolutefishing which i put on some feed shallows and an IMA sf125 and some weedless hooks in various sizes

The change of hooks didnt seem to affect the feed shallows at all but i think that i'll be putting 
the trebles back on the sf125 because the weight difference seems to have affected the lures ability 
to bite into the water on the retrieve and its action doesnt seem to be the same 

Until next time 

Tight Lines



  1. Jay, just use some soldering wire, running from 1st to middle hook and back to get the IMA back into digging in the water, mate.
    Admittedly, the only bill-less lure that I have are Patchinko's or other pencil / WTD type lures, but the use of singles has not affected any of my lures stability, except ones like some of my Diawa's that are quite large but very very light. Even then, it seems to only affect them when I stop retrieving and they pop up on the surface, before rolling over on to their side and playing dead.

  2. Pics look great and i am envious of your waistcoat!

    Will check out wave worms today

    Check mail, i sent you some last night!

    All the best

  3. hooks must be riged looking to the button. the lure hinder the hooks if not. all the best-