Friday, April 29, 2011


Went to a local mark this morning to try for a
bass a couple of follows with the feed shallow but
no takes spent about an hour fishing or so.
I spent the rest of the morning talking about fishing
and kayaking to another bass enthusiast John Griffin
who runs a very
good site for anyone who has an interest in or is looking
to get in this side of fishing.
Anyway after some lunch and a bit of crack, I decided to head
on to another mark to try for some wrasse and I wanted to test out
some new braid ''Rovex Viros'' that Cian down in tramore had reccomended
to me and i must say,
I cant fault this braid it certaintly didnt let me down today
lovely casting and great knot strength. Spent two hours
fishing at this mark on a falling tide and had two lovely
ballan wrasse one was bang on 2lb and the other was
3lb 8oz on the boga
Both gave a great scrap the bigger of the two really
gave the drag on the reel a good going over they were both caught
on a texas rigged moroko xlayer.
Both fish were landed after two good fights and both went back
alive and well.
I missed a good few other wrasse just purely from either striking too
early or maybe the fish was just playing with the lure
picking it up by the tail and dropping it again.
I'll apologise in advance for the quality of the photos i had my camera
but it was dead so i had to use my phone.

Ballan Wrasse 3lb 8oz

Fine set of gnashers

2lb Ballan Wrasse

tight lines,


Monday, April 25, 2011

Topwater LRF (updated)

Went out again last night same mark as before
and caught 10 pollock and coalies OTD but its
not nearly as fun as watching the popper come
across the water and then seeing these small
fish absolutely smashing the lure same technique
as the previous post( pop, pop, pause, fish!!)
had a total of 9 fish off the top the water was gin clear
and i could see straight to the bottom so I could
see dozens of other fish making runs at the lure
and just backing out of taking at the last second
I didnt bother taking many photos as the fish
just took one of a pollock on the lucky craft
bevy popper.

Tight lines,


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Topwater LRF

Went out to a local mark on thursday night
to try for a bit of LRF and i decided to try out
a little surface popper i got a lucky craft bevy
Started to fish just before the rise began with no luck
but as soon as the water started to move so did the fish
I stayed for about an hour or so and had 10 coalfish the biggest
was about a pound give or take
The first couple of takes were soft enough but as the tide built
the strikes became vicious
pop , pop, pause bang! fish on
It was great crack with a couple of the fish hitting the popper
so hard they left the water
Had never tried topwater lrf and it was much better than i had expected

tight lines,


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Five in a row

I've been out quite a bit lately ,
but the going has been tough as i have now
had 5 successive blanks for bass in a row.
The ever increasingly elusive bass seem not to like my lures
at the moment maybe its the fact that water temperatures arent
quite there yet around here or just the fact that the fish arent there.

Yesterday afternoon i went to a mark that i hadnt fished in a while
and conditions looked perfect for fish ,
I even saw some fish feeding and birds hitting the water
anyway i stayed for about 4 hours and although it was a bit
more positive than other times recently as in i had a few follows
all i got was the little pollack below taken on a six inch sluggo
greedy or ambitious i'm not sure which.
The bass evaded me once again!

On a lighter note for anybody who washes off their boots
in the shower as i did the other day and left them in it to dry
it would be a good idea to make sure the shower gel isnt
leaking onto them as I found out yesterday as you can see
from the photo below took about 2 hours of rinsing to
to stop all the foam

anyway till next time