Thursday, November 17, 2011

A little bit of lrf....

Went out for a bit of hrf the other day when i finally got a chance
and had a break in the weather at last but every mark i tried was filthy
with a swell and most were almost unfishable
So out with my LRF gear and i tried a spot of rock pooling as there
was quite alot of them around where i was and they were clean
so on went a power isome a little .5g size12 jighead cast in to a little crevice felt a few
tugs struck but missed so i tried again and pulled out a little rock goby

it wasnt even hooked just didnt want to let go of the lure i dropped the lure beside
another rock and out popped another goby for as look but went straight back in
so i left the lure on the bottom and just gave it a few shakes and twitches and another
much bigger goby came out and done a little smash and grab on the lure

quite funny to watch and it actually took a bit of coaxing to get out from under the rock good crack though
i moved on to another little pool had another few gobies moved on again to a pool full
of blennies i hooked a few but they all shook the hook before i could get them out of the pool
so i fished another little pool and immediately got struck by a little scorpion fish with some of the nicest
colouration i have seen on one of these fish

it was almost identical in colour to the weed that was growing in the pool
had a couple of these but that was it for the rockpooling i moved on to
a local quay and began to fish in tight to the walls to see what i could pick up
it wasnt long until i got my first fish a little coalie and after this another
i had about 15 in total in the hour i was there

that was all the fish i had that day one which i really enjoyed a new species for me in the goby i had caught gobies before but never ones dark with a yellow tipped dorsal i presume its a rock goby

On another note i met a guy out while i was doing a bit of hrf the other day he was fishing for bass
on lures with no success and we got chatting and i explained the technique i was fishing and what i was
fishing for so he gave it a go and within 3 casts he was into his first ever lure caught wrasse

he had 2 fish in the time i was there on a day in which i blanked i might add but such is fishing
thats all for now

Tight lines