Thursday, February 2, 2012

New toys.....

I recieved some new toys today from
Jacks LRF some of these I have used before
but others are totally new to me and I cant wait
to get out and use them 2 days for delivery is very
quick anyway heres a selection of the lures i got

1.75" Yabby Craws

1.75" Baby Minnows

2.25" Sperm Tails
varous KULB and Bwt Specials 1"-1.5"

Various KULB 0.5"-1"

1.75" Mega Darters

KULB and Nano Bites
LRF Worms and Stingers 1.75"
All of the lures look and feel fantastic. I have used the KULB lures before and as unusal as they
look they are all fish catchers as are the stingers as for the rest I cant comment as of yet but they
look the part and I'm sure wrasse will love the Yabby Craws and Sperm Tails.

I picked up some hooks and weights for dropshotting these lures aswell from Andy
hooks in size10 and 12 and weights in 3.8g and 2.2g

Thats all in the lines of LRF gear i did however get some 5" hawg wild lures
in yellow and some 4" baby hogs

I got out for a quick lrf session yesterday had another few scorpion fish my mate was taking the
photos so i'll write it up as soon as i get the pics

Tight Lines



  1. Nice one Jay. Am really pleased you're happy with the gear too!
    All we need now is to see them bringing you a few extra fish to your net :)

  2. You certainly got yourself a fine collection. It reminds me of "Pick 'n' Mix" at Woolworth's when I was a kid.

    As I'm getting into soft lures myself I can't wait to see how they fish.

    Good luck. Frank

  3. Thanks again Andy looking forward to using them.

    Frank yes they do look very like sweets but they work well i suppose they represent the various little bits of plankton and other bits that smaller fish feed on "easy" meals as such.
    The other lures i havent used yet apart from the ones in the packet which i highly recommend.

  4. That is some selection of gear Jay, the baby minnows look class ..... i just got my gulp sandworms in the post today haha! I expect to see some fish now! No excuses ... except the weather

  5. Yeah Andy has a nice selection of gear mate. gulp worms are fantastic mate even the weather is no excuse mate its cold alright but there should still be fish around the piers