Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lrf freshwater.....

I finally took a trip inland yesterday to try my hand at
a few perch something i had planned on doing for an age
but never done
I arrived at the river around 12ish and fished a 2 mile stretch
up and down without so much as a touch so i moved to fish so
locks and canals with no luck either
I had been told that these were productive perch marks but
spending 3 and a half hrs fishing without so much as a tap
would tell me that these supposed catch and release marks
are being fished by what i call ''keepers''
I dont personally know why anyone would want to keep and
eat a perch or a pike but thats the way it is and the way its going
to be its a pity that they cant catch a fish enjoy it photograph and
release it .....
Anyway i moved on to another mark a little further up river
and fished for the first half hour with no sign of fish but
then just as the light began to fade i caught my first perch
a small fish around 8'' long

I continued to fish near all the moored boats flicking lures all
all around the bases of them and picked up another 8 perch and
then as quick as they swithced on they were gone

All the fish caught were no bigger than 8 or 9'' no point in weighing these but they were
all good crack on the solpara and it was a nice way to finish off the day
and a species i'll definetly be targeting with the light setup again

tight lines