Saturday, January 14, 2012

Out and about on Friday the 13th

I got out yesterday for a few hours and arrived at the mark
greeted by blue skys and a slight swell it looked perfect
but to be honest  the fishing was slow i started off using
berkely sandworms the 6'' cut in half i used all colours
of these with a couple of bites and short-takes.
I moved all over the mark fishing gullies and holes looking
for a wrasse. I had fished for about 3hrs with no fish so
i moved to another rocky mark and decided to rig up a
little craw bait i recently got

A couple of casts in and i had my first tap then another and whack fish
on and after a nice little scrap i landed my first wrasse of 2012 a lovely
fish of just over 2lb

i fished on for another while but with no other fish interested so i moved on
and decided to use the lrf gear as i had been fishing quite heavy all morning 
since the ground i was fishing was really tough going. 

I rigged up a power isome on a little 0.5g size12 jighead and fished for about 
half an hour and piked up a few blennys before i decided to call it a day and
head home.

on another note i read that Inland Fisheries Ireland put pay to some illegal
netting that had been going on

by seizing over 1000m of net along with 45 bass.
A massive well doneto everyone involved in this operation and 
I hope that whoever was doing the netting was caught and will be prosecuted 
to the full extent of the law.

Tight Lines



  1. Hola Jay.
    Buen señuelo y veo que funciona,es un tecnica que tengo que probar mas.
    Buena noticia de esa detencion,esos no son pescadores,son delincuentes.
    Un Fuerte Abrazo.

  2. Hola Juanra,
    El atractivo parece funcionar bien, he intentado un montón de seres diferentes y que uno era el único que trabajaba
    Es fantástico ver el ilegal con redes quedar atrapados y espero que pueda impedir que otras personas a hacerlo Lo siento si mi español no es correcto que uso traductor Google

    líneas apretadas